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Worldwide immigration – Change of tax and physical residence

The firm specializes in obtaining physical and tax residency for its clients, as well as securing citizenship for them and supporting them in their international real estate investments.

The firm Bradley Hackford will provide you with end-to-end support and advice during all stages of immigrating to a new jurisdiction, physically relocating and changing tax domicile.

The firm supports its clients in achieving their relocation goals, taking into account the opportunities that are available to optimize their worldwide tax position through changes to their tax domicile and/or changing their citizenship. The firm provides its clients with personalized advice on immigration worldwide to enable them to find the optimum combination of lifestyle, investment opportunities, family life, personal security and taxation for their individual circumstances.

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The firm Bradley Hackford operates in several jurisdictions around the world through its extensive network and international presence. Among the countries where it operates, Andorra, the Bahamas, Monaco, Mauritius, Panama and Bulgaria stand out as having the best residency programs for expatriates.

How to immigrate

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It may be necessary to change citizenship or acquire dual citizenship to make the most of opportunities that may arise, to obtain residency in certain countries more easily, or to ensure your personal safety – particularly in the case of more sensitive nationalities. Citizenship may also be a consideration when addressing international taxation issues.

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Change of residency

Whether you are physically relocating or changing domicile for tax purposes, changing residency is a complex process that requires expert advice. Bradley Hackford advises its clients, manages all processes from end-to-end and continually monitors all relevant jurisdictions where clients may be interested in establishing their residence for personal or taxation reasons.

Change of domicile for tax purposes

expatriation fiscally attractive countries 2017

The 2017 ranking of destination countries for expatriates

Consult Bradley Hackford’s complete 2017 report, listing the top 10 destination countries by taxation rate for people of private means and international professionals.

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Immigration: the 2017 ranking of countries

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